Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence offers a unique range of facilities and resources for each child to use at their disposal.

These include:

  • A strong team of confident and experienced tutors; constantly in-serviced and familiarised with the current syllabus changes and up-to-date teaching styles and strategies
  • Access to a diversity of learning resources and curriculum notes
  • Access to an after-school hour, spacious study environment
  • Access to a proficient team of counsellors, speech therapists, occupational therapists and a medical practitioner



Serious About Education

  • Academic Excellence is a proven scholastic entity with over thirty years of experience and success in guiding students through the trials and tribulations of Primary and High School and the HSC exams.
  • We endorse positive mindfulness in our approach to education, placing an emphasis on the emotional and physical wellbeing of each child in order to cultivate a natural love of learning and a desire to achieve a personal best.
  • Established and coordinated by Alida Markovics, a former High School Principal and Senior HSC Marker, we offer an unrivalled reputation in the wealth of experience and knowledge proffered by each staff member.
  • We pride ourselves on the strong relationships built on trust, confidence and mutual understanding that Academic Excellence nurtures within each child.
  • We believe that a devoted tutor-student relationship will provide a constant avenue for adolescent emotional support and intellectual guidance.

A positive approach to learning

“Academic Excellence is not simply just another tutoring college. We are an academic learning centre that encourages each student to flourish confidently in achieving their intellectual and emotional potential, a life-skill that expands well beyond the scope of school.”

“We offer one-on-one tutoring, study groups, practice examinations and counselling for university courses. We are abreast of all changes in the syllabus and our staff are in-serviced regularly to keep them up to date.”

All tutors have been taught to teach by Alida, and specialise in their subjects. They have a thorough understanding of marking criterion and practices required for university entrance. More importantly it is about looking after the whole child, in a strong nurturing environment.

Our Location

Our environment detracts from the traditional pressures of the classroom, as we aim to cultivate a culture of excellence by encouraging students to set achievable goals, which enables them to reach their full potential.

Qualified Staff

Academic Excellence ensures that all of our staff members are extremely professional and qualified tutors, offering the highest possible level of exclusive and undivided attention in education.

Skype Tutoring Sessions

Skype Tutoring Sessions are available with our qualified staff. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.