My son, Alexander Swan, is currently a student at Academic Excellence. He will be the third child of mine who has been tutored by Alida Markovics.   James (now 29) is an accountant, working in financial modelling in the United Kingdom as an associate director of Crowe White Horwarth. Sarah (now 27) is a lawyer at Allsop Glover. Both children achieved an ATAR score above 95.

I attribute a large portion of their success during the HSC to Alida. She guided them through the trials and tribulations of the syllabus and supported them psychologically and emotionally all the way.

In particular Alexander has had a very difficult childhood and experienced an acrimonious divorce. He has already completed two units of Maths and is studying Psychics and four units of Maths. He is seeing Alida for Extension History for which he achieved 93 in his course mark.

Alexander is devoted to Alida and spends most of his time studying at the school.  I do not believe Alexander would have stayed on track, but for Alida as he was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia when he was a child. Despite receiving treatment, he has a tendency not to focus. He is also stubborn. Only Alida can keep him on track.