We came to Academic Excellence when my son commenced year 11. Our son is country boy who had been a boarder since year 7,  his grades were fairly average to say the least as the school hadn’t really fostered a study culture and he didn’t buy into one. After just one term with Alida as his English tutor and one of her fantastic tutors for maths we had seen a marked improvement in his overall school performance and attitude to learning. Alida has so much experience with kids of all abilities and learning styles so she really tailors the tutoring to the student. Of course 2020 and 2021 has provided its own challenges with online learning and increased restrictions for leave from the boarding house but Academic Excellence have been able to pivot into the online space with ease. We have been incredibly happy with the tutoring our son has received and the results he has achieved, so much so that we started our daughter this year in year 9 so she could get into a good study routine and get the extra help that she requires. As remote parents of kids at boarding schools in the eastern suburbs we have found Alida and the team to be very flexible and would highly recommend them to anyone considering tutoring for their children.