Isabelle’s experience at Academic Excellence was very rewarding and memorable. It is conveniently located in Vaucluse, close to her school so she was easily able to walk there every afternoon. The teachers and students provided a warm, welcoming and enriching environment full of students who are eager to learn and are heavily concentrating on the work ahead in order to achieve the best result. Academic Excellence is also a comfortable surrounding where the students not only came in for lessons but also to do homework as they are supplied with extra resources such as books and notes which would guide them through their studying process. The year 12 students were also provided with practice papers from a variety of different schools, in test conditions, challenging the student on all different levels. Academic Excellence was also highly involved in charity sporting events such as the “spin a thon”, where all the students and tutors had to cycle for 24 hours, (alternating times) as well as inviting students to weekly stress management seminars which targeted different areas of stress and anxiety that students might face as well as how to cope with stress which encouraged team based activity work bringing the students together. All of the tutors are very friendly and knowledgeable and were guiding Isabelle through the intense schooling period of the HSC. Every time she had a question it would happily be answered by any of the tutors at Academic Excellence as they made sure that she fully understood the question or statement before continuing with her work in order to improve and achieve the best result for Isabelle.

Alida Markovics runs Academic Excellence with true commitment through her passion for teaching and learning. She was always informing and supporting Isabelle and her deep understanding of children’s behaviour helped to make Isabelle confident in her studies and encourage her to confidently pursue her future endeavours.