Academic Excellence ensures that all of our staff members are extremely professional and qualified tutors, offering the highest possible level of exclusive and undivided attention in education. Our excellent tutors are all-too familiar with the enduring pressures of high school, albeit emotionally, physical or academically. We therefore aim to establish a unique program best suited to your child, allowing them to grow and develop in reaching their full potential. The tutors are either qualified teachers, or have received tremendous results post-HSC – achieving high Band 6’s in the subjects that they teach.

All tutors bring to our team a passionate zest and enthusiasm for education, providing an enjoyable and nurturing environment for your child.


Alida Markovics

Head Tutor

As the founder of Academic Excellence, Alida is a former K-12 Principal, Senior HSC Examiner and has been an educator for almost thirty-three years. She has a Bachelor of Education and Honours in History, with her main focus areas in Special Education, English and History.

Alida is passionate in aiding children with special needs or learning difficulties, and as a mother of two, she is extremely empathetic to those students who are often overlooked in the current education system. Alida is an extremely supportive educator, who intends to create a balance for your child’s emotional, psychological and intellectual needs as they enter high school and progress into adulthood, providing them with the foundational building blocks to begin their lives following their graduation.

Her total dedication and experience is mirrored in her holistic approach to learning. Alida strives to encourage all students to not only fulfil their academic potential, but to recognise it within themselves, equipping each child with the confidence to set goals, aim high and strive to achieve their personal aspirations.

Alida has a welcoming and approachable demeanour, fostering a close relationship with each student. She provides an innovative and safe learning environment, allowing all high school students to both independently and collectively grow as individuals.

Subjects of Expertise:

  • English (Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2)
  • History (Modern, Ancient and History Extension)
  • Business Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Studies of Religion (1 and 2 Unit)
  • Society and Culture

Isabel Brynes


Isabel graduated from Kincoppal Rose Bay in 2019 and is currently studying Architecture at the University of Sydney. She is eager to inspire passion and creativity within her students. Isabel is particularly invested in ensuring that each student is uniquely tailored to, in order to ensure they are able to realise their full potential. She tutors primary school students and high school students specialising in English, English Advanced, English Extension 1 and Visual Art.

Monique Capo


Monique graduated from Rosebank Collage Five Dock in 2016. She is in her final year of completing her double degree, Bachelor of Secondary teachings and a Bachelor of Arts in Technology. She is very excited to be in a team of amazing tutors at Academic Excellences. She is a very passionate teacher when it comes to learning and helping her students achieve all their goals. Monique Tutors:

  • Community and Family Studies
  • Arts
  • Design and Technology
  • Society and Culture
  • Textile (Major)
  • Other TAS Subject
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Mikki Dunkel


Mikki graduated from Emanuel School in 2019 and is currently studying a double degree of Business and Creative Intelligence at The University of Technology Sydney. Mikki’s main goal as a tutor is to inspire her students and ensure they reach their full potential, in a kind and engaging manner.

As a past student of Academic Excellence, Mikki is eager to impart the same guidance and motivation she received during her studies. Mikki tutors:

  • Business Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
Jessie Profile

Jessie Fraser


Jessie graduated from St Catherine’s in 2016 and is now completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Sydney, double majoring in Biology and Genetics and Genomics. She is passionate about Science and Maths and the critical thinking and problem solving skills they develop.

Jessie tutors Mathematics and Junior Science.


Harriet King


Harriet graduated Kincoppal Rose Bay in 2018 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about learning and hopes to share this with her students.
Harriet tutors:
Primary school
Senior school Drama
Senior school Religion
Year 7 – 10 English
Year 7 – 10 maths

Hunter Pillion


Hunter graduated from Ascham School in 2020 and is currently undertaking a double degree of Commerce and Law at the University of New South Wales. She will actively utilise the relevant tools and techniques accumulated from her schooling and university life to help students comprehend and actively engage with their studies. She strives for her students to be proactive, excited to learn and up for a challenge as they reach the potential she knows they are capable of. Hunter tutors:


– Advanced English

– Maths Advanced

– Economics

– Biology

– Geography

– Jr Science

-Jr Maths

-Jr English

– Primary School


Lily Stewart


Lily graduated from MLC in 2015 and has a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology) from the University of Sydney. She was awarded the Sydney Scholars Award for the duration of her degree and was selected in the Talented Student Program – Science. Lily is currently navigating the application process for postgraduate medicine.

Having tutored independently for the past six years and a full-time support staff member at one of the top ranked Independent Girls’ Schools in Sydney, Lily is well equipped to guide her students through their studies and is able to cater to both their emotional and intellectual needs.

Lily is excited to join the Academic Excellence Team and aims to foster curiosity, initiative, perseverance, and enthusiasm for learning.

Lily tutors:





Modern History