We came to Academic Excellence when my son commenced year 11. Our son is country boy who had been a boarder since year 7,  his grades were fairly average to say the least as the school hadn’t really fostered a study culture and he didn’t buy into one. After just one term with Alida as his English tutor and one of her fantastic tutors for maths we had seen a marked improvement in his overall school performance and attitude to learning. Alida has so much experience with kids of all abilities and learning styles so she really tailors the tutoring to the student. Of course 2020 and 2021 has provided its own challenges with online learning and increased restrictions for leave from the boarding house but Academic Excellence have been able to pivot into the online space with ease. We have been incredibly happy with the tutoring our son has received and the results he has achieved, so much so that we started our daughter this year in year 9 so she could get into a good study routine and get the extra help that she requires. As remote parents of kids at boarding schools in the eastern suburbs we have found Alida and the team to be very flexible and would highly recommend them to anyone considering tutoring for their children.

Kandee and David Thorn

My daughter attended Academic Excellence for her final year of school. We decided she would benefit from tutoring for two reasons. Firstly, her learning style. She is not a “sit down with a book and memorise” kind of person. She prefers more active learning. Secondly, I realised I had neither the time nor inclination to support her in the HSC year in the way that many parents support their children academically.We chose Academic Excellence on the strong recommendation of a friend who had sent three children to Alida. She had tutors for a few subjects.We were incredibly happy with the tutoring. Our daughter did very well in the HSC and much better than we had anticipated. Her rankings at school improved dramatically. Not only were her tutors exceptional, but the tutoring helped motivate her and provided much needed support. She found the environment very nurturing and supportive. She also used Alida’s facilities a lot, preferring to go there to study, rather than study at home.I highly recommend Academic Excellence and intend to utilise the service for the benefit of my other daughters when the time comes!

Nicolette RubinszteinNon-Executive Director, Author and former President, Actuaries Institute

I would highly recommend Academic Excellence as a wonderful tutoring and learning space for all ages. For my children, it provided a nurturing and supportive environment during their year 11 and HSC year. My children developed a fantastic rapport with their tutors who were always professional, encouraging and flexible. They were fabulous role models who inspired confidence, independence, structure and motivation and my children made significant progress in the particular area of study they sought assistance with.

In addition to this, Alida has created a wonderful motivating study space where her students often come to study independently which my daughter has utilised during her HSC year (she prefers to go there rather than the Library in Double Bay). Both my children have also attended Academic Excellence’s HSC workshops which have added valuable skills and information to their own existing knowledge base. The staff at academic Excellence cater to the individual’s needs and abilities and in addition to being able to identify and meet my own children’s needs, they have also allowed me the sense of assurance that my children are getting the right guidance and scaffolding to support them in their studies.

Georgie Cavallaro

Academic Excellence has been an integral part of my sons HSC journey. It’s more than providing exceptional tutoring services. It has taught my child how to critically think and how to study, tools which he will require not only to succeed in school but also in tertiary learning and beyond.

The team at AE have brought confidence to my child’s learning and they have exceeded my expectations. From individual tutoring sessions to group HSC workshops the lessons have all provided insightful knowledge and tools to get the best out of each individual student. What AE does best is understand that no two students are alike and therefore adapt and tailor there sessions to meet the needs of each student.

I cannot recommend their services more highly.

Marina Belin-Wayne

My son, Alexander Swan, is currently a student at Academic Excellence. He will be the third child of mine who has been tutored by Alida Markovics.   James (now 29) is an accountant, working in financial modelling in the United Kingdom as an associate director of Crowe White Horwarth. Sarah (now 27) is a lawyer at Allsop Glover. Both children achieved an ATAR score above 95.

I attribute a large portion of their success during the HSC to Alida. She guided them through the trials and tribulations of the syllabus and supported them psychologically and emotionally all the way.

In particular Alexander has had a very difficult childhood and experienced an acrimonious divorce. He has already completed two units of Maths and is studying Psychics and four units of Maths. He is seeing Alida for Extension History for which he achieved 93 in his course mark.

Alexander is devoted to Alida and spends most of his time studying at the school.  I do not believe Alexander would have stayed on track, but for Alida as he was diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia when he was a child. Despite receiving treatment, he has a tendency not to focus. He is also stubborn. Only Alida can keep him on track.

Judy Swan

Academic Excellence has been fantastic for our son – a not atypical teenager who had muddled along through high school with an immature approach to studying and lacking in self confidence. With the prospect of HSC looming things needed to change.

The support and structure provided by Alida and her excellent team of tutors have enabled him to stay focused, engage with his studies and we have been delighted that he has continued to improve in all subjects throughout this year. He has a new found confidence in his ability and most importantly has more options available for tertiary studies.

We couldn’t be happier and would highly recommend Academic Excellence.

Nicole Fogarty
My daughter joined Academic Excellence at the beginning of Year 11 with extremely high expectations for her academic achievement. She was already a competent student but wanted to gain an academic advantage for her dream to pursue a medical career. The amazing tutors at Academic Excellence are always professional, supportive and encouraging and know how to motivate the student to bring out their best performance.  My daughter has continued to make progress in all her subjects and has managed to secure impressive rankings.  With the support of Academic Excellence she has gained confidence and pride in her academic abilities.
Bianca Di Veroli

Thanks to Alida’s inspirational enthusiasm, dedication and guidance our daughter was able to improve her Year 11 English ranking of 30 to a Year 12 ranking of 4.  Needless to say we are thrilled with Alida’s impact on our daughter’s performance and would highly recommend Alida’s tutoring service to any student.

Tom Pongrass

I am an enthusiastic, diligent and high-achieving Media Sales Manager who has spent the last ten years at Fairfax Media and News Corp Australia.

I owe my career success and achievements in life to the education I had as a young girl and teenager. This meant COUNTLESS hours and sessions with Alida Markovics at Academic Excellence. The study and tutoring I received complimented my education at Kambala Girls School. It allowed me have that one on one learning that I very much craved and needed. My personality gelled so beautifully with Alidas and her team, that they managed to help me achieve my goal of a UAI of over 90!! My whole family 15 years later, still cheer about this. I was able to go to UNSW and Michigan University and study Media and Communications. I even called on Alida to help me with my university studies.

It was such a pleasure in more recent times to bump into Alida after the launch of her incredible dynamic learning facility. It was certainly no surprise that her tutoring business is now soaring, providing a very wide range of resources, options and facilities for school children. What a nurturing and impressive environment!



Casey Guth

Very grateful to Alida for taking us on at the eleventh hour.

Wanting to bolster HSC child’s confidence in approaching her impending exams, I contacted Academic Excellence. Alida very patiently listened to my concerns and proactively assessed my child’s academic situation. Her dedication to teaching and achieving results was infectious. Strategy in place, tutoring began straight away.

To me, the Academic Excellence tutors and Alida’s encouraging, positive and supportive approach have been absolutely instrumental in helping my HSC child move forward with confidence.

Thank you again. Our only regret is not coming to you sooner.

D Franco

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