“Alida and Academic Excellence was the difference between me wanting to get a specific mark in the HSC and getting that mark. English was always my weakness, and it was something no teacher had been able to fully correct. Alida was able to assist me in identifying my weaknesses, correcting them and then improving my marks as a whole. Not only did this help me in my English course, but it had a significant flow on effect in Business Studies, Modern History and Economics.

Alida’s warm tutoring environment and the ability to study with other HSC students at Academic Excellence created a family feel and a support network that couldn’t be further from the typical clinical tutoring companies. To be able to come back and assist as a mathematics tutor is something that makes my work at Academic Excellence not only the ideal job, but also a truly rewarding experience.

Alida worked with me in years 7-8 and again for my HSC in Year 11-12.
I had also had great help from ex-tutor Nathan Finch who clarified and simplified a lot of the more problematic and challenging economics questions.”