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Academic Excellence coordinates group academic writing and study skill workshops for Preliminary and HSC students. We appreciate and recognise the added stress and anxiety felt by many students during peak exam and assessment periods, intensified by the lack of time dedicated by schools in teaching students effective strategies in planning their study revision notes, time management, and achieving a healthy balance.

As a result, we offer comprehensive and highly interactive seminars throughout the school term to aid students by minimising stress, and simultaneously instilling more confidence and strength when it comes to exam time. These workshops focus on identifying the students particular learning style, and subsequently developing their critical analysis and summary writing skills, note taking, time and task management, and subject revision of core syllabus content.

For the last few years, our experienced team at Academic Excellence has run a workshop designed to help our students understand how they, as individuals, can tailor their study habits so that they can study not just harder, but SMARTER.

Looking ahead to the upcoming HSC Trials, we will be running workshops for all subjects to address the particulars of each topic.

All workshops cost $70 and run for 2 hours.

Exam Preparation and Exam Techniques

Academic Excellence offers seminars and resources that allow students to better prepare themselves – both mentally and academically – prior to their final exams and HSC assessments. We believe that by mimicking exam-style-conditions for children, and teaching them how to adopt exam techniques and strategies, they will both confront previous patterns of procrastination, through enabling each student to become familiarised and comfortable with the exam format, requirements, timing, and overall experience. Our college provides synthesised revision notes, exam papers, and proper HSC marking of practice exams to ensure that each child receives only the most advantageous results, feedback and advice to ensure academic success.