Welcome to Academic Excellence Primary

Academic Excellence Primary is an innovative and progressive educational experience that embraces each child’s differences through a holistic approach to education and learning.

We have unique and diverse programs, catering to children aged between 5-11 years old, that aim to unlock your child’s complete intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional potential. Our recognition and encouragement of your child’s individuality is reflected in our personalised and unique educational programs. Our team’s understanding of your child’s personality will help them grow in areas of self-esteem, independent thinking, confidence and passion for learning.

Our services incorporate innovative research that has been undertaken in the United States, opening up new ways to improve your child’s memory and cognitive function.


The Five Dimensions of the Holistic Learning Space which work together to provide a foundation for your child’s future growth and development

Our mission is to provide a creative, dynamic, nurturing, safe & fun environment where the children’s emotional, physical, spiritual & intellectual well-being in the prime focus.


Our nurturing environment supports the unique sensitivities of each child, pushing them out of their comfort zones to discover their independent voices.


We promote physical activity to spark growth in children’s physical well-being and social skills.


At Academic Excellence, we engage the mind through different and innovative avenues for intellectual achievement.


Students are encouraged to express their fears and imagination, developing skills of confidence and self-assurance.


Our programs and facilities innately develop children’s social skills of communication and cooperation.

Individualised & Group Tutoring

Individualised literacy & numeracy programs

Our tailored and personalised educational programs foster your child’s individuality creating a solid foundation for their development of core skills. We embrace the weaknesses and strengths of each child so that we can help them reach their greatest potential.

Our literacy & numeracy programs provide one on one tutoring, allowing the tutor to develop a relationship with their student, creating a comfortable & safe environment.

Our qualified team of tutors will identify the type of learner your child is so that they can tailor lessons to their specific needs. Our specialised NAPLAN lessons prepare your child for the statewide test so that they are familiar with the types of questions they will have to answer.

Small Groups

We also provide tutoring in small groups of 1 to 3 students. Learning in a small group can benefit those children who need to develop the way they interact with others their own age. This increases your child’s social skills while the small number of students in the group allows the tutor to maintain a high level of attention on each child’s specific needs.

Academic Excellence’s education services complement your child’s schooling. We follow the NSW curriculum and identify strengths and weakness in order to develop a program that specifically targets your child’s needs. Children do not learn in a singular way, therefore our trained tutors are able to help students who need to be extended, as well as those who need remediation.

Individualised & Group Tutoring for Primary School Students

Brain Training / Cognitive Development

Brain Training & Cognitive Development for Primary School Students

Neuro-feedback Education

Our Brain Training service uses cutting edge technology, which enhances focus and concentration. This non invasive neurological program was initially developed by NASA to target the concentration of astronauts, however has since been developed to improve the memory and cognitive function of children. This educational technology has a neuro-feedback mechanism, promoting concentration for the user, improving short term memory sequencing, visual memory & audio and visual processing.

The program offers details reports of the students development over a period of time, allowing us to recognise any weaknesses they may have & highlighting improvements that have occurred. This service can be used as an alternative to medication for children with ADD or learning difficulties. While it is not a cure, it is a natural way to improve your child’s processing skills. After completing forty hours of the program student will experience a significant and permanent change.

Dyslexia Specialist Services, Social Skill Development, Emotional Regulation & Art and Play Therapy

Dyslexia Specialist Services

A dyslexia specialist plays a pivotal role in the development of literacy skills. Our specialist will identify, test and evaluate a student’s literacy competencies and implement appropriate strategies and activities to conquer challenges with reading, writing and spelling.

Adopting a multi-sensory toolkit, our dyslexia specialists are creative in their teaching style and they organise and deliver an educational action plan that is in line with school curriculum whilst evaluating a student’s progress at appropriate learning intervals.

Dyslexia teachers need unparalleled emotional empathy as they must identify that students can be frustrated, anxious and lack self-esteem due to their learning difficulties. Furthermore, Dyslexia teachers also determine if a student requires other forms of intervention or testing to help circumvent further issues (i.e: Educational Psychologist) and also address factors that can relate to diminished language skills such as impaired eyesight and hearing.

Our Dyslexia specialists have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills that are utilised when delivering instructions to students, discussing teaching content with parents and when acting as a liaison with other teachers to ensure appropriate accommodations are implemented so that students with dyslexia can achieve their educational milestones.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy programs allow children to develop cognitive, social & emotional skills within our nurturing and safe environment encouraging student’s expression of fear, idea and imagination.

Our tailored programs, offered by our specialised therapists, facilitate your child’s social awareness & help further understand acceptable boundaries.

Children who struggle with social, emotional and cognitive difficulties, such as those that are on the Autistic Spectrum, have Oppositional Defiant Disorder and emotional regulation concerns, will greatly benefit from play therapy. We create a safe and nurturing environment that enables the teaching of social skills that will allow these children to attain a greater level of confidence, facilitate emotional growth and stimulate their imagination.

Art Therapy

Art therapy provides children with techniques to relax & express themselves, which in turn improves physical, mental & emotional well-being. Through the freedom of expression, children become more confident & willing to present their unique & differing opinions.

Emotional Regulation

Our Emotional Regulation classes engage your children in fun and creative dynamic interactions that are designed to improve social skills and awareness. Our trained counsellors create a safe space for self-expression, and in doing so facilitate the development of confidence and creativity.

Art therapy provides children with techniques to relax & express themselves

Educational Assessments

Educational Assessments & Testing

Academic Excellence offers a range of assessments that help to establish a foundation for your child in order to better help tailor programmes to meet their specific needs. All of our assessments are administered within a safe and friendly environment, in which our professional staff are able to address your child’s needs and help them achieve their full potential.

Psychometric Assessments

The psychometric assessments provide objective information on your child’s learning and behavioural patterns. The assessments are based off a series of cognitive and behavioural tests in addition to IQ and academic checks that determine the child’s aptitude.

Woodcock-Johnson Assessment

The Woodcock-Johnson assessment is an alternative to the psychometric assessment. This is a standardised testing tool to gauge your child’s performance within their age group. It specifically tests intelligence in order to objectively assess their cognitive abilities.