I would highly recommend Academic Excellence as a wonderful tutoring and learning space for all ages. For my children, it provided a nurturing and supportive environment during their year 11 and HSC year. My children developed a fantastic rapport with their tutors who were always professional, encouraging and flexible. They were fabulous role models who inspired confidence, independence, structure and motivation and my children made significant progress in the particular area of study they sought assistance with.

In addition to this, Alida has created a wonderful motivating study space where her students often come to study independently which my daughter has utilised during her HSC year (she prefers to go there rather than the Library in Double Bay). Both my children have also attended Academic Excellence’s HSC workshops which have added valuable skills and information to their own existing knowledge base. The staff at academic Excellence cater to the individual’s needs and abilities and in addition to being able to identify and meet my own children’s needs, they have also allowed me the sense of assurance that my children are getting the right guidance and scaffolding to support them in their studies.