My daughter attended Academic Excellence for her final year of school. We decided she would benefit from tutoring for two reasons. Firstly, her learning style. She is not a “sit down with a book and memorise” kind of person. She prefers more active learning. Secondly, I realised I had neither the time nor inclination to support her in the HSC year in the way that many parents support their children academically.We chose Academic Excellence on the strong recommendation of a friend who had sent three children to Alida. She had tutors for a few subjects.We were incredibly happy with the tutoring. Our daughter did very well in the HSC and much better than we had anticipated. Her rankings at school improved dramatically. Not only were her tutors exceptional, but the tutoring helped motivate her and provided much needed support. She found the environment very nurturing and supportive. She also used Alida’s facilities a lot, preferring to go there to study, rather than study at home.I highly recommend Academic Excellence and intend to utilise the service for the benefit of my other daughters when the time comes!